12 Best and Top Technology Cities in the world

Top Technology Cities in the world: The technological savvy world had gradually shifted itself from the stone-age through its drastic progress and efforts. The Graham Bell’ telephone is now shifted to smartphones with extensive features adding a real life experience from any corner of the world. The real-time shopping has been converted to virtual online shopping. Thanks to the developed technology; making our lives smarter and cozy.

These days, urbanized living is the most expected living that everyone wishes to have. The cities are now flourishing with great technologies by providing opportunities for the people too. The cities are here ranked according to their technological cutting edge performance. Here is a list of the major cities, making their huge contribution in technology.

Top Technology Cities

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

Silicon Valley is the golden standard of technology all over the world. San Francisco achieve the top position among the technological savvy cities, and this is thanks to Silicon Valley situated in San Francisco. Silicon Valley proves to be the best in every aspect of living chains, and innovations are making all things possible, rather if it is a gigantic start up or designers or programmers.


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