12 Top Countries With The Most Credit Card Users

Countries With The Most Credit Card Users: Credit cards are known to be the most convenient way of obtaining credit, and they are known to provide flexibility together with a range of benefits when used properly. Today, the credit cards are accepted all over the world. In fact, they are always available with a large variety of credit limits, repayment options and other perks such as the schemes where points are earned by buying goods using cards which can be redeemed for further services, goods or credit card.

Though considered as a creative product, the credit cards are known to be a risky method for the entrepreneurs to obtain capital for their startups whenever they luck a more conventional financing. The cards are also known to be an excellent method for paying bills though, they can quickly rack up debt. They are also able to offer for a price and are a great tool for establishing credit. However, the credit cards are easily abused by making you buy things before you can afford their cost.

Some countries are known to have quickly adopted the use of credit cards as they aim at eliminating the flow of cash. Listed below are the top 12 countries with the most credit users.

Countries With The Most Credit Card Users

1. Belgium


In Belgium, payments made using credit cards share a total of 93% of the population with the credit cards. 86% of the Belgium population have a law similar to France regarding limiting cash payments to 3000 Euros. Belgium recently launched a mobile payment scheme which is meant to displace the use of money further.


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