12 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Most Expensive Shoes In The World: Shoes are the world’s most underestimated piece of fashion. As the clothes that you wear give a fashion statement, the shoes also have a huge impact on your personality as a whole.

Now somebody would think that why I should spend 30,000 dollars on a pair of shoes? The solution to this can be found in the fashion and lifestyle blogs. The brand and lifestyle of the people have dramatically changed over the years. Shoes are also the part of style statement, be it a young man who wants to look more macho or a woman who is trying too hard to look beautiful.

The best piece of cloth can look bad if it is not matching the shoes. How would a guy with a formal dress look in sports shoes or how women in one-piece look in a pair of sandals do?

To find the answer to the above questions and to make you aware of the most expensive shoes ever made so that you can get an idea how important part of our life, shoes are. We have presented a list of the world’s most expensive shoes that can make your eyes wide open. So hold your breath and explore the list.

12 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

1. Testoni Shoes- $38000

Testoni Shoes -38000

Yes, you have got it right! $38000 for a pair of shoes. This ought to be on the list not just because of a high price tag, but the sheer quality of these shoes. What do you expect, these shoes are made of? Yes, they are made from the flesh of crocodile. This explains the quality of the shoes. These men’s shoes are so sturdy and made out of animal skin.


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