Top 13 Most Expensive Watches In The World – 2016

Most Expensive Watches In The World: Watches have been the most effective tool from the beginning of the human race. As watches are nothing but a metric to determine the rotation of the earth on its own axis, they are a significant part of our day to day lives. As the craze of both digital and analog wrist and wall clocks has increased over the time, people are spending more on wrist watches. Wrist watches have become the style statement for both men and women. This is the basis why a lot of luxury brands have hit the market with the expensive wrist watches. Also Read this too Wedding Hairstyles for Bride Stylish Traditional Dresses In Western Countries

The expensiveness of a watch depends on some factors. The three basic factors are:

1. Use of the precious gems like gold, diamond, platinum and ruby.

2. The detailing and the amount of time that was taken to build the watch.

3. The ‘wow’ factor of a watch.

There is a tale behind each and every watch that became popular and hence expensive. The below list will provide you an overview of the world’s most expensive watches and their metrics. Let us explore!

Most Expensive Watches In The World

1. Blancpain 1735 Grande Comlication-$ 800,000

Blancpain 1735 Grande Comlication

The case of this elegant watch is made out of platinum, which makes the watch unique. All the other parts of the dial and the machinery are composed of 740 handmade parts. The strap of the watch is established from the skin of the crocodile which itself is very expensive.


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