14 Most Expensive Dresses In The World

Most Expensive Dresses In The World: Women across the world have been fond of dresses. The women fashion industry has taken a huge leap in the past decade. Fashion is one such industry that can never be static as the new trends arise very fast. There are a lot of popular fashion houses that have become brands across the globe. Everybody must be aware of the fashion brands like Gucci and Armani which have been the top choice of the world famous celebrities. The value of the dress depends solely on the brand image of the fashion house and the type of innovation that happens in the fashion house to bring new fashion into the market. ‘Oscar de la Renta’ is one of the biggest names that has hit the fashion industry. The fashion house became a hit when the First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy wore the dresses designed by this house in the year 1960. Here we will list the 14 most expensive dresses in the world that will make you spellbound.

Most Expensive Dresses In The World

1. Princess Diana Dress 

Princess Diana Dress

Princess Diana always has been known for her intrigue style. She has worn one of the most expensive dresses in the world. Catherine Walker, who is world famous for his designs. She has designed many dresses for Princess Diana. She has designed more than 1000 dresses that she wore on the famous occasions. The dress which she has worn at the Cannes film festival is world famous for its price. The costume that she wore at the event was priced for $125,000.


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