15 Most Stylish Traditional Dresses In Western Countries

Traditional Dresses In Western Countries: Western civilization is the most developed civilization in the world. When one talk about the western world, they talk about their dominance over the world, their inventions, their war stories, their deeds effect on the globe positively as well as negatively, but very rare people talk about the things they wear.

They gave this world some of the most iconic and stylish dressing in this world has ever seen. From Europe to the continents of America, they have the large variation not only among them but also amongst their dresses.

It is hard to choose which is better and stylish and which is not. But here is the list of 15 of the most stylish traditional dresses. Each one is more desirable compared to other. It is hard to decide. So let’s start our list:

Traditional Dresses In Western Countries

1. Gilet:

Let’s start from Spain, the country of matadors. It is a sleeveless jacket, much like a waistcoat or vest that forms an important part of Spanish clothing with a pinata and mantilla.

Choicehave- Gilet

Historically, they were fitted and embroidered and used for additional warmth outdoors. But now they are looked at as a style statement.


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