20 Beautiful Places You Should Visit In 2016

Beautiful Places You Should Visit in 2016: We have a lot of beauty hidden somewhere in some part of the country. Why not discover it and enjoy the beauty of nature. Go on a family trip, backpacking or road trip with your friend to these beautiful places. You spend a lot of our luxury and satisfaction, instead, spend on the most beautiful countries and promise you it will be worth every penny.

Travelling is fun because you get to learn about a new country or city, learn about their cultures, history, specialty, etc. Travelling can also help you with your stress and will let you take a break from your boss who is always hovering over your head or away from the employees of whom you are tired screaming.

These places will calm your nerves and soothe your inner body, bringing you peace and happiness from within that will make you happy on the outside. What could be a better way for you to start 2016? Witness all the beautiful festivals this year and experience them, so you will have a bunch of stories to tell your pals about, make unforgettable memories in 2016.

Let your diary know how amazing each place was. Step into 2017 with no regrets, but only great and adventurous fun. From Scuba diving to skydiving let the fun hit your brain, do the wildest, craziest thing this year, and enjoy the most of it. Here are 20 places you should definitely visit in 2016:

Beautiful Places You Should Visit in 2016

1) Bora Bora

One of the most famous holiday destination and a perfect getaway for you. The blue lagoon attracts peoples attention. Once you step at the airport of Bora Bora, the smell of water will hit your face making you feel relaxed already.

Bora Bora Island

a) Where to visit? – Maitra beach – Beach that could be accessed by the public and making it a huge tourist attraction. The sand is soft, and the water is super clear.

b) What to do? – Shark and Stingray are feeding – it’s a fun activity. You also get an experience to get close to that shark (do not think about Jaws). The guide will not let the sharks harm you, they are professionals and have probably practiced a million times, so trust them and jump right in. Therefore, do not worry and enjoy your vacation by feeding the Jaws.


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