Fantastic Ideas for Integrating Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Into Your Home

We all know that a stylish and well-designed kitchen is the key to unleashing the full potential of your property, and make it more valuable in the process. It is common for a potential buyer to take one look at the kitchen and decide there and then whether they want the house or not. This is why we would recommend that you invest in your kitchen to make it as good as it can be.

A way to really set your kitchen apart from others is by choosing a stylish kitchen backsplash tile design. But, it can be hard to select the right tiles for your own kitchen. This is why we thought we’d offer you some ideas on how you can use backsplash tiles for best effect.

What about Tiles that are Higher and Wider?

It is important to realize that you don’t need to tile just above the countertop. Some of the most stylish kitchens tile right across the room and this can be a great way to make your kitchen appear bigger. This is a great idea if your kitchen is struggling for space. It can be a novel way to bring the whole room together.

Why not Choose Bright Colored Tiles?

Yes, many of us think of horrible 1970’s tile designs when we think of brightly colored tiles. But, solid colors which are vibrant and extravagant can really create a focal point in the kitchen – much more so than plain white tiles would create.

Patterned Tiling

You don’t need to restrict yourself to just solid colors. Patterned tiles can look stylish if it matches the overall look of the kitchen. Patterns such as geometric designs and plaids can really make your tiles stand out. Patterned tiling is a great choice if you want to select a neutral color such as white, so the tiles don’t look too boring.

Choosing the Color of the Grout

Grout can come in many different colors nowadays. If you choose a different colored grout from what is considered normal, you can really enhance the look of your tiles, especially on a backsplash.

Dark Colored Tiling

Of course, dark colored tiles will not suit every kitchen, but when used with wooden cabinets, dark colored tiles can create added warmth and complete the look of your kitchen, which brightly colored tiles would fail to create.

What About Retro Tiles?

Subway tiles fall into this category and are still ever popular. They are now available in many different shapes, such as hexagons, so you don’t really have to select rectangular tiles. You can also decide to move away from the more traditional white color, to maybe a metallic finish.

Consider the Material of Your Tile
Ceramic tiles are of course the most popular these days, but you may want to select a glass tile, or even a stone tile?These tiles which are made from different materials can add real character to your kitchen.

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