Follow These Tips when Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Living rooms are getting used for different purposes in different lifestyles. Some people make it as the main area for family, and some make it more of a showroom and use it only when the meeting like situations comes. Living rooms are the most used spaces in every home, and hence it needs a perfect layout.

Below are some tips for you to make it easy when arranging living room furniture:

  1. Basics of Living Room

There are some basic things to know when we arrange our living room. First, find the focal point of the living room and arrange furniture around it. The focal point is the most noticeable and important space in the living room. The living room has to face traffic flow mostly, so leave enough space to walk when arranging modern furniture. Do not arrange furniture near the wall; it is one of the biggest mistakes people can make in a living room.

  1. Furniture Sizes and Shapes

Size is an important factor when it comes to living room furniture. Sofa and chairs are most required items in a living room set up, and hence it’s important to consider their suitable space. It is best to sketch a graph with appropriate measurements. Put sofa and chairs in appropriate areas by leaving space to make normal traffic flow. Carpet is also an essential stylish thing that makes the living room even more beautiful. Don’t use too small rugs; it can get considered as foolishness. Always select larger rugs for the living room that can include all the furniture like sofa, chairs, etc. Coffee tables are also an important part of it, and you should choose a coffee table with a height lower than the sitting height. It should not be too small or too big. A side table is also an essential thing you can count among living room furniture. Always prefer great furniture designs such as Cattelan Italia, Porada, etc., if you want a quite attractive look.

  1. Simple Rules that can Make Better Changes

Some rules make your all days more comfortable and beautiful. The first rule to apply is to keep your entry always clear. When we first step into the room, then make sure that entries have more space. The second rule to apply is the three-foot rule. You must free some space about 3 feet between furniture in the living room. It gives you more free walking option without knocking into the furniture or bumping into walls. Don’t arrange all your furniture against walls, set a rule yourself to put furniture at least 12 inches away from the wall. It will make your living room more inviting and comfortable. Make use of proper lighting to give that extra feeling to your living room.

  1. Convenient Use of Furniture

Some rules help you to arrange living room furniture in a more prettiest way you can have. Coffee tables should always get placed 15-18 inches from seating. If your family members have long arms, then you can increase this distance. Shorten this distance when they have short arms. Place side chairs with 50 to 90 inches from the sofa. And ensure that there is enough space to walk between them. Television should get placed about 45 inches from the sofa.

  1. Makes Your Living Room Most Prettiest and Comfortable

Decorating living room is a fascinating thing to do. People always tend to make some mistakes while arranging living rooms. Always clear your entryways and welcome your guests in style. So it should always be clean and clear. There is no need to overstuffing your living room. It’s not necessary to buy large items like big tables and also avoid giving the dark room impression, go for the natural light that is more suitable for living rooms. Therefore having a full-sized window is the best option you can take. Don’t let the connection wires fell unordered in the living room.

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