14 Most Secure Bank In The World In 2016

Most Secure Bank In The World: Banks are supposed to be the most sacred place to keep all valuable assets. The secured banks are recognized from the points which are assigned to them. The bank having 10 scores out of 10 is awarded with AAA ratings, whereas that for 9 out of 10 is AA+ rating and so on.

A bank to be the most secure all over the world should have a rating of AAA or AA+ or AA- or the combination of both. Now this ranking does not include the bank, which is owned by other banks or the government or by import- export finance institutions.

Based on the survey of Finance Magazine, the annual ranking of the most secure and safest banks is here listed below with their average ratings out 10.

Most Secure Bank In The World



KFW bank, formerly known as KFW Bankengruppe, is a bank owned by the German Government is regarded as the world top number one secured bank. The KFW bank contributes the largest subsidiary in European exports.

The total assets in KFW bank are of $554.4 billion U.S. Dollars with a rating of AAA. The S&P of the bank is AAA with a Fitch and Moody’s too rating of AAA. The KFW bank has the ranking score as 30 awarded by Global Finance Ranking.

The KFW bank is considered to retain the 1st position from the five to six years among all the top financial magazines.


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