Research Identifies that CBD Blocks Opioid Reward& May Help Addiction to Opioids

Interesting research has surfaced this week from the University of Mississippi. In it, the research seems to suggest that CBD (Cannabidiol) could be used to help with people who are addicted to opioids, and may be able to help with chronic pain that the opioids try to block out. It can do this thanks to the CBD blocking the “reward” that the opioids exhibit, and by that we mean that they block the effect of the opioid from exerting their influence.

By giving an opioid addict a dose of 10 mg per kg of CBD (which is of course non-psychoactive in nature), produced the effect of blocking the opioid rewards. The research team used mice in the experiment and separated these mice into different groups. These groups were given access to saline solution, or morphine, which was combined with 4 different does of CBD. This was how they were able to find the reward blocking.

Cannabis is an Exit Drug – Not a Gateway

A common myth is that cannabis acts as a gateway drug to heavier drugs in the future. But, it certainly appears that in this case with opioids it is an exit drug, allowing the user to escape the addiction of the opioids. An LA based center for opioid addiction has now began treating their patients by giving them cannabis, and it seems to be working. Cannabis can reduce insomnia, reduce pain and anxiety, and therefore render little need for the opioids to be used.

In a recent study of opioid addicts, it was found that 97% of addicts found success with using cannabis as an “exit drug”. This certainly sound very promising indeed. In fact, 8 out of 10 of those surveyed agreed that cannabis acted as a better pain killer than opioids in the first place.

Cannabis is the Future

With many thousands of people addicted to opioids, cannabis can be seen as a long-term solution to a very costly problem, both in terms of health and money. This is why more studies are needed to verify and add weight to this study to ensure that cannabis is provided to opioid addicts to wean them off these powerful pain killers.

If you would like to find out more, you can visit your local dispensary, and they will advise you what to strain to use to reduce your reliance on opioids. You can use the link here –

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