Top 100 Things To Do Before You Die

100 things to do before you die: Every person has a bucket list. Whether is wild, frivolous, wacky or fearless, people have always come up with a list of things they need to do or places they need to see before they die or grow too old to enjoy them. People usually have lots of things in their mind that they need to accomplish after some period. The bucket lists are always different and depend on the individual who made it.

We have compiled top 100 things that you need to do before you die. Note, there are hundreds and hundreds of things. We have just listed 100 of them. You can always come up with your bucket list of stuff or add some who are have not been included here. I am sure that you will love to do things on  #10 #36 and check #56 too

100 Things To Do Before You Die

1. Live In Another Country

Live In Another Country

Traveling to another country is one thing and residing in another country is another. Try living in another country by getting involved in a green card marriage and experience how it feels.


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