What are some of the health benefits of applying Mehendi?

Mehendi comes from a medicinal herb, and one of its main properties pertains to removing the stress an individual. The herb is also known to calm the nerves and help in relieving fever and headaches. People generally mix Mehendi with lemon and eucalyptus oil for getting a dark color. This act further enhances the properties of Mehendi and adds more medicinal qualities to it. Besides, it is a happy occasion when you are applying Mehendi on your hands and feet, and this beautiful dye adds to your happiness. However, it is necessary to choose the right Mehendi artist for the occasion.

The ways of choosing the right Mehendi artist

When you go ahead looking for that Mehendi artist to adorn your palms, you will notice that options galore. But choosing one from among the multiple options is not too difficult. The following are some of the ways for you to choose the right Mehendi artist.

Ask about the ingredients used

The orange or bright red color of the Mehendi comes from the composition and quality of the henna powder. You will have to ask the artist about where he or she sources the Mehendi from. Most of the artists make their own Mehendi with different kinds of ingredients. You need to know the ingredients if you have sensitive skin.

Enquire the time of application

Before hiring an artist, enquire about the time he or she takes to apply the Mehendi. You will have to organize the rest of the rituals and rites of the day according to that time. It is best to hire people who can apply Mehendi on more number of people in a day. But, make sure that they do not compromise quality for time.

Know the amount charged

The way of charging differs from one artist to another. Some of the artists charge on the basis of the number of hands they decorate and on the other hand, some of them charge on the basis of the number of hours they work.

Understand the artist’s style

Every artist has an individualistic style. You might have preferences towards certain latest mehndi designs. For instance, some girls like traditional Rajasthani designs while some others love the bold and beautiful Arabic work. You need an artist who specializes in that style. You can ask the portfolios of some artists beforehand to look through and make a choice.

If you search methodically, you will surely find an artist whose work you love and also fits your bill. Once you have that perfect match, make sure you keep their contact details to call him or her up for any and all upcoming occasions.

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