What are the kinds of nail manicures available?

Being a girl, it is the most challenging task to decide the type of manicure one should get. With the availability of such a wide variety of options, it can get overwhelming and confusing as to which service to choose, which salon to visit, etc. A nail salon is a beauty salon that specializes in nail care services. These services can be manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, acrylic nails, gel manicures, etc. Generally, people working in a nail salon are called nail technicians, and they have formal and state recognized qualifications that make them eligible to offer these services. Here is a list of different types of manicures available:

Hot oil manicure

If you are a person who has dry hands, then hot oil manicure is the perfect option for you. They are the most luxurious and relaxing, and you have to do nothing, soak your fingers in heated natural oil, and that’s it. Once the fingers are soaked in for a long time, a proper hand massage is given to ensure that your fingers and cuticles are well-nourished and nourished.

Paraffin wax manicure

This includes applying a moisturizer to the hands first which acts as inner hydration and then the entire hand, all the way up to the wrist is submerged in the liquid wax. It works as a sealant, and the warmth of wax mixed with lotion and emollients helps in driving moisture deep into the skin.

Gel manicure

Gel manicure will ensure that your manicure stays for a long time. It is the same as a basic manicure which involves soaking your hand in soapy water after which the nails are clipped. The only difference is that in a gel manicure, the nail technician applies a special polish that requires curing under the UV light. Gel manicures are less vulnerable to chipping and stays for a longer period.

Acrylic manicure

If you are someone who believes in perfection then this is the perfect manicure for you, they are a combination of a powder polymer and liquid monomer. The combination helps in creating a hard and protective layer over your natural nails. It also acts as a base to the nail polish, ensuring that the polish is applied as smooth as possible.

Brazilian manicure

This is a more extensive form of a manicure; the cuticles of the nails are removed to make the surface smooth. Nail Salon Reading will efficiently offer these services and ensure you have a comfortable experience.

As millennials, this is a generation that enjoys freedom at its best and is known to love the liberty they get. People are more conscious about their beauty choices and who doesn’t like a pamper session? Nail salons are the best way to let yourself free for a day and enjoy the experience of sheer relaxation.

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